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I cannot carry our treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Avoid any activity that will cause you to sweat on the day of your treatment. DO NOT USE COLLAGEN OR COLLAGEN PRODUCTS (topically Elemis pro collagen and such like or orally this includes skin hair and nail tablets, biotin, women's health supplements, please check the ingredients, cod liver oil, seven seas etc) FOR as long as possible  PRIOR TO TREATMENT (ORALLY OR TOPICALLY)  NO TANNING INJECTIONS Do no take aspirin, fish oil, coudamin, vitamin A, B or E (AHA,BHAs) or Topically or orally, skin peels,   ibuprofen 48-72 hours prior before unless medically advised. Paracetamol is fine. Please ensure you have no holidays to the sun booked at least 4 weeks after your appt, to allow for shedding and further healing.  You have to have stopped taking acne medication (Accutane) for one year - no exceptions. Avoid caffeine/alcohol the day before and after your treatment. Smoking will cause the pigment to prematurely fade and your anaesthetics you apply will not last as long. You are responsible for maintaining your appointments.  


Please do not have sunburn on your face on the day of your treatment. If you have sunburn you will be required to reschedule and your deposit will be forfeited. I reserve the right to apply my own discretion if I feel that pre-procedure advice has not been followed.

If you get your brows waxed or tinted, get this done 1 week before the procedure. It is also recommended to wait at least 21 days to have them tinted/waxed after the procedure.





after your treatment please wash the treated area with cool, boiled water using clean cotton pads to remove lymphatic fluid from the treated area. Repeat this 2 more times leaving 2 hourly intervals in between. Then dry heal for the next 13 days. If you accidentally get the area wet use a dry tissue and pat gently. On day 3-4 if you feel they are very dry you may use a small amount of OINTMENT PROVIDED but please don't over moisturise them.

 Only touch the area with clean hands during the healing process. Any scabbing or flaking will naturally shed. Some
itching is normal, but please don't pick, peel or scratch the treated area as the colour may heal unevenly and you will risk scarring and infection.


Do NOT apply any creams or makeup on your brows for 2 weeks after your treatment. You can get your brows wet after 2 weeks from your initial treatment, but only if all of the scabs have disappeared. Your aftercare procedure is just as important
as your initial treatment. Absolutely NO exercise, swimming, sunbathing, sun beds, saunas, direct shower spray, water or makeup should be applied in the area during the healing period. (14 days after treatment) Avoid sleeping on your face 2 weeks after the treatment.


No swimming for 2 weeks after until full shed. It is recommended to apply some vaseline to your brows when swimming after healing to protect the colour and stop chlorine/salt water from entering.

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