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Unfortunately due to a number of last minute cancellations and no-shows, which affect my business I have decided to highlight and set up some terms and conditions:




Choose your booking time wisely. Please make sure the booking time you chose won’t impact your busy timetable. I don’t have a lot of flexibility to rearrange your appointment.


If you need to cancel or rearrange, please give me at least 48 hrs notice ( must be  48 hours before the time of your appointment.) I will try my best to change your booking time. I accept cancellations given personally in my studio or via text message on 07734184627 


If you fail to attend or give 48 hrs notice, I will still try my best to re-book your appointment, but please remember I am usually fully-booked and I reserve the right to retain in full appointment cost to recover my lost costs. Anyone who cancels last-minute, more than 2 times will not be re-booked. 


Fully charged for cancelation, why so harsh?


When you make a booking for a time, you’re making a commitment. Likewise, I’m also making a commitment to be ready. I make sure my studio is ready for you and prepare resources and consumables. I also reject other customers from your reserved time slot.


I don’t enjoy retaining fees, due to no-shows or last minute cancellations. Without a doubt I would very much prefer to give my clients the full value of their booked treatments, and deliver a result! 


Look out for confirmation, it is courtesy only but I will try my best to message you a reminder of your booking time the day before. However if you do not receive one, please attend your appointment or contact me just to double-check. 


I promise to provide you a high standard of service & to work hard for your 100% satisfaction.




A NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required when you book to secure each appointment. We also retain your card details.  


  • If you are late to your appointment, I may have to reschedule you. Please arrive in good time. 

  • Payment is required before you leave. (Cash or bank transfer, also take CC)

  • For any more information, FAQ's or prices, please text me on 07734184627

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